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progress report 003

#2: Pay off Exxon-Mobil Mastercard.
Last Week's Balance: $1397.76 (7% paid off)
This Week's Balance: $1379.01 (8% paid off)
- Chip off that balance a little bit at a time....

#7: Get into UMass's Commonwealth College.
Last Week's GPA: 1.8
This Week's GPA: 2.1
- I did a lot better on my Linguistics Midterm than I thought! (81% = B-) I thought for sure I was going to fail.
- Perfect score on Astronomy homework.
- Didn't do so well on a Documentary test.... a 71% on a content-based test (i.e. "What was the name of the guy who said this quote...") I suck at content tests.

#22: Complete first script for Jolly Roger.
Last Week: No progress.
This Week: Began story outline.
-Currently working on each individual character's story arcs.
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