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Auto Response from SuperGophe (9:05:42 PM): depeche mode is too sexy

Kaylee2222222 (9:05:52 PM): and depeche mode
SuperGophe (9:06:01 PM): MMMMMMM
Kaylee2222222 (9:06:02 PM): you know what
Kaylee2222222 (9:06:11 PM): when it comes to depeche mode...I just cant get enough
SuperGophe (9:06:15 PM): ............................
Kaylee2222222 (9:06:20 PM): :)
SuperGophe (9:06:33 PM): well you know
SuperGophe (9:06:37 PM): people are people
SuperGophe (9:06:40 PM): they like what they like
Kaylee2222222 (9:07:05 PM): I thought that was pretty witty
Kaylee2222222 (9:07:08 PM): ...sigh...
SuperGophe (9:07:28 PM): this would have been funnier if you kept going with the depeche mode song titles
SuperGophe (9:07:41 PM): I was anticipating an LJ-worthy conversation
Kaylee2222222 (9:07:45 PM): haha
SuperGophe (9:07:54 PM): "just can't get enough" "people are people"
Kaylee2222222 (9:08:05 PM): i dont know enough
SuperGophe (9:08:09 PM): YOU DON'T
Kaylee2222222 (9:08:56 PM): stacie
SuperGophe (9:08:58 PM): you should get educated
SuperGophe (9:09:01 PM): I'll make you a mix
SuperGophe (9:09:12 PM): and then you're gonna listen to it and I am going to quiz you
Kaylee2222222 (9:09:24 PM): When I joke with you, Its No Good
Kaylee2222222 (9:09:37 PM): Instead, Everything Counts
SuperGophe (9:09:42 PM): ..........
SuperGophe (9:09:48 PM): now you're just looking stuff up!!!!
Kaylee2222222 (9:10:02 PM): Look Im no Martyr...Im not trying to be your Personal Jesus
SuperGophe (9:10:05 PM): just stop talking so I can Enjoy the Silence
Kaylee2222222 (9:10:27 PM): Dream on!
Kaylee2222222 (9:10:30 PM): I never shut up!
SuperGophe (9:10:32 PM): OUCH!
SuperGophe (9:10:41 PM): you don't have to SHOUT!
Kaylee2222222 (9:11:33 PM): You are so sensitive online
SuperGophe (9:11:42 PM): :P
Kaylee2222222 (9:11:50 PM): :)
SuperGophe (9:12:15 PM): you realize you just looked up depeche mode song titles so you could be mentioned in my LJ, right?
Kaylee2222222 (9:12:24 PM): no
Kaylee2222222 (9:12:48 PM): I just looked up Depeche Mode when I wrote in my lj I would look even better
SuperGophe (9:12:53 PM): !!!!!!!!!!
Kaylee2222222 (9:12:58 PM): ...end of egotistical message

Yeah, this is the early era of Depeche Mode I like to pretend never existed. When I think SEXY, I think Songs of Faith and Devotion...

Kaylee2222222 (9:24:13 PM): the next futurama dvd is supposed to be out in July I think
SuperGophe (9:24:24 PM): YESSSSSS
Kaylee2222222 (9:24:33 PM): ...i looked up the other day
Kaylee2222222 (9:25:04 PM): thats what I do when they play the Bender movie on tv and Im supposed to be doing hw
Kaylee2222222 (9:25:20 PM): all these good movies on dvd...its just A Question of Time
SuperGophe (9:25:29 PM): ..........
Kaylee2222222 (9:25:47 PM): ...I never exited out of the Depeche mode page...and I saw it...I had to
SuperGophe (9:25:50 PM): hahahaha
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