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easiest money ever made

Awhile back, my Astronomy teacher announced that the Economics department was looking for volunteers for an "economic experiment". He said you would get $10 just for showing up, so I decided to try it out. There were no details given as to what the experiment actually was.

So I got there today, and they sat me in front of a computer... and told me do word scrambles. You know, like the "Jumble" in the newspapers. So basically, I unscrambled words for about an hour, and at the end, they gave me $25 in cash! It was pretty cool, and I got to buy groceries! (I've been living off ramen the past few days - rent's due next week.)

So that was cool. I also have a job interview on Friday. But maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that, I don't want to jinx it...?
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