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progress report 004

Here are the goals I am going to focus on for April, and of course, my current progress.

#2: Pay off Exxon-Mobil Mastercard.
Last Week's Balance: $1379.01 (7% paid off)
This Week's Balance: $1326.52 (12% paid off)
- First priority for this month: find a job. I applied for 1 Campus Job, 3 Blockbusters, 1 FYE, and 2 Staples so far, and I plan to apply to many more tomorrow. I totally expect the balance on this card to go up until I find a job - it's my only card left with credit available on it. Meanwhile, the school sent me an e-mail saying I'm supposed to get a refund of $3000 (the loan I took out was too big). I filled out the form to have it put directly into my account like a week ago and I hope it shows up soon. If I actually get that refund, I plan on using half of it to pay off my card.

#7: Get into UMass's Commonwealth College.
Last Week's GPA: 2.1
This Week's GPA: 2.1 (no change)
- My goal is to break past 2.8 in April, though I think I can probably make it past 3.0 if I work hard enough. I'm still waiting for the first paper I wrote, ALMOST A MONTH AGO, for African Film. That's the only class I don't have any grades for right now, and it's kind of pissing me off, as we're past the midterm here!

#16: Read the news everyday, including the campus Collegian.
- Uhhh... yeah, read the news everyday. Not difficult. Moving on.

#22: Write script for first issue of Jolly Roger.
Last Week's Progress: Began basic story outline.
This Week's Progress: Finished story summary for all major characters.
- This month I want to finish all character profiles, and begin outlining individual story arcs.

#30: Read 100 graphic novels each year (including manga.)
Last Week's Progress: N/A
This Week's Progress: 009/100
- I actually live near a comic shop! Within walking distance! Isn't that neat? I also changed this from 20 graphic novels to 100, because 20 was just too easy.

#33: Learn to play the entire FFVII OST on piano.
Last Week's Progress: N/A
This Week's Progress: I know a tiny bit of Tifa's Theme, Cosmo Canyon and the Prelude.
- I'm gonna start with the Prelude and just move in chronological order.
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