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to be lost in blue and yellow again...?

HA! So that was fast. I have a job interview with Blockbuster in Northampton tomorrow.

Don't really want to work for Blockbuster again, but it's an easy job I already know how to do, and the hours actually work really great around school. (It's a job where you can go to school all day but still get a 7-8 hour shift afterwards... whereas FYE I had to work several 4 hour shifts.) I had wanted to avoid a crappy retail job and work as like, a receptionist or something, but it's hard to do when receptionists have standard 9-5 hours and retail has some flexibility.

Though, if I get the conference registration assistant job, I'll PROBABLY take that instead. Or maybe I can take both over the summer. Ugh, I just need MONEY!!!!

EDIT: Crisis Core got an awesome score at RPGamer. Is it possible that Square-Enix has actually released... a GOOD Final Fantasy game?! The shock!
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