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progress report 005

Wow! What a productive day! I completed four goals!

1. Create an emergency savings account of $1000.
I decided to use my refund check on doing this, first. (In case something crazy happens.) After I meet with the landlord on Friday to sign my new lease, we'll see how much I have left. And that will go on my Exxon-Mobil.

8. Take Japanese language classes at UMass.

9. Take Korean language classes at Smith.
Also registered!

64. Buy a PSP.
Okay, I lied... THIS was the first thing I bought with my refund. Crisis Core!!!!

Here's my updated goals list.

In other news, here is my schedule for next fall:

M/W/F - 9:05 - 9:55 - Intensive Elementary Japanese I (Discussion)
M/W/F - 11am - 11:50am - Korean I (taking this at Smith College)
T/TH - 9:30 - 10:45 - Journalism Ethics
T/TH - 11:15 - 12:30 - Intensive Elementary Japanese I (Lecture)
T/TH - 1pm - 2:15 - Newswriting and Reporting

Even though I'm only taking 4 classes, I have 17 credits! (Japanese is 6 credits, Korean is 4, Newswriting is 4, and Ethics is 3.) Yowza.

I'm worried about my graduation date. I was hoping to be out by Fall 2009, but because I plan on taking Korean and Japanese every semester (10 credits alone, and yes, the Japanese is a requirement for my major [foreign language] and the Korean is just important to me [and I told my mom I would].) But because of that, I can only take 2 other classes for my major - I have 11 classes left to take. Which means if I wanna be out of here by 26, I'll have to start overloading credits. And nevermind the possibility of an English double-major (I'm minoring in it right now, the major is only 4 more classes) and Commonwealth College.

Ahh, I feel stress coming on again. Time to stop talking about this. I'm gonna go play Crisis Core now and you can bet your sweet ass there will be an update later about that.
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