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Crisis Core is fun! The battle system is kind of lame (pretty much just button-mashing and a random slot system you can't control) but it's not bad in the sense it takes away from the game (*cough*DIRGE OF CERBERUS*cough*). Also, it's a very pretty game and I wish I had a hi-def TV so I could plug it into the big screen. But it's really cool seeing Sephiroth before he became a psychopath (and lots of other people make cameos, including a 9-year-old Yuffie).

Yesterday, I decided to go to Best Buy to get my PSP before class, and take the bus from there. While doing this, it struck me that parking at the Hampshire Mall and taking the 5-minute bus ride to campus was much faster than me walking to the bus. I wish I thought of this when it was still freezing out! But unless a day is super-nice, I think I'm going to start driving to the Mall and parking there for free, cuz I get sick of leaving an hour before class starts and sick of walking in the cold and sick of sitting on a bus for almost 40 minutes (when it's only like a 20 minute drive to campus). I'm doing this next year too, which means I can still avoid a parking pass! Hooray!
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