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Sun, April 13th, 2008

1:57 pm - ATTENCION!

This LiveJournal is now Friends Only!

I am not deleting anyone, you guys are cool beans.

But if you want to be added, just comment, and I'm pretty cool and will add just about anybody.


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Fri, April 11th, 2008

2:44 pm - another one bites the dust part 3

5. Pay off Capital One card.

Two down, three to go.

updated list

Most of the music in Crisis Core is just arrangements of tracks from Final Fantasy VII. I got to the part where Zack first meets Aerith (yes, she's officially "Aerith" now) and the arrangement of Aerith's Theme is actually very nice. It stood out to me because it's an arrangement on guitar which is not something I had heard before. I decided to upload it for anyone else who might be into that sort of thing. (Probably only me, but oh well.)

A Flower Blooming in the Slum (from Aerith's Theme)

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Thu, April 10th, 2008

9:43 pm - another one bites the dust part 2

I'm posting in this thing way too much. I've noticed how much I post in this has a direct correlation with my social life.

10. Figure out what to minor in at UMass.

It's gonna be English. I flirted with the idea of both Art and Asian Studies, but the Art required a portfolio (I don't have an up-to-date one, and most of my old one from five years ago is probably gathering dust in my attic) and Asian Studies required double the amount of classes than English plus language classes. Because I plan on taking Intensive Japanese and Korean every semester (10 credits) I don't even know if I can finish my Journalism degree on time. Since I took so many English classes at NECC, I'm sure most of my minor will transfer and I won't have to worry about it. I thought about double-majoring, but again, not enough time.

I've decided that I would really like to take art classes after college though. Maybe do some part-time classes at NECC or something. Montserrat in Beverly, MA has a course on Comic Art and some continuing education programs. I do regret not finishing my Visual Arts degree at NECC and I'm trying hard to get back into drawing. Once I have a scanner, I'll upload some of the stuff I've done recently. (I've improved very much in five years.)

updated list

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9:25 am - reminder!

Everyone remember to watch the return of The Office tonight!

Also, if you haven't, check out the 30 Rock. That show is so fucking hilarious.

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Wed, April 9th, 2008

7:04 pm - another one bites the dust

4. Pay off Amazon Visa Card.

One credit card down... four to go!

updated list here.

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10:50 am - mini-update

Crisis Core is fun! The battle system is kind of lame (pretty much just button-mashing and a random slot system you can't control) but it's not bad in the sense it takes away from the game (*cough*DIRGE OF CERBERUS*cough*). Also, it's a very pretty game and I wish I had a hi-def TV so I could plug it into the big screen. But it's really cool seeing Sephiroth before he became a psychopath (and lots of other people make cameos, including a 9-year-old Yuffie).

Yesterday, I decided to go to Best Buy to get my PSP before class, and take the bus from there. While doing this, it struck me that parking at the Hampshire Mall and taking the 5-minute bus ride to campus was much faster than me walking to the bus. I wish I thought of this when it was still freezing out! But unless a day is super-nice, I think I'm going to start driving to the Mall and parking there for free, cuz I get sick of leaving an hour before class starts and sick of walking in the cold and sick of sitting on a bus for almost 40 minutes (when it's only like a 20 minute drive to campus). I'm doing this next year too, which means I can still avoid a parking pass! Hooray!

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Tue, April 8th, 2008

9:07 pm - progress report 005

Wow! What a productive day! I completed four goals!

1. Create an emergency savings account of $1000.
I decided to use my refund check on doing this, first. (In case something crazy happens.) After I meet with the landlord on Friday to sign my new lease, we'll see how much I have left. And that will go on my Exxon-Mobil.

8. Take Japanese language classes at UMass.

9. Take Korean language classes at Smith.
Also registered!

64. Buy a PSP.
Okay, I lied... THIS was the first thing I bought with my refund. Crisis Core!!!!

Here's my updated goals list.

In other news, here is my schedule for next fall:

M/W/F - 9:05 - 9:55 - Intensive Elementary Japanese I (Discussion)
M/W/F - 11am - 11:50am - Korean I (taking this at Smith College)
T/TH - 9:30 - 10:45 - Journalism Ethics
T/TH - 11:15 - 12:30 - Intensive Elementary Japanese I (Lecture)
T/TH - 1pm - 2:15 - Newswriting and Reporting

Even though I'm only taking 4 classes, I have 17 credits! (Japanese is 6 credits, Korean is 4, Newswriting is 4, and Ethics is 3.) Yowza.

I'm worried about my graduation date. I was hoping to be out by Fall 2009, but because I plan on taking Korean and Japanese every semester (10 credits alone, and yes, the Japanese is a requirement for my major [foreign language] and the Korean is just important to me [and I told my mom I would].) But because of that, I can only take 2 other classes for my major - I have 11 classes left to take. Which means if I wanna be out of here by 26, I'll have to start overloading credits. And nevermind the possibility of an English double-major (I'm minoring in it right now, the major is only 4 more classes) and Commonwealth College.

Ahh, I feel stress coming on again. Time to stop talking about this. I'm gonna go play Crisis Core now and you can bet your sweet ass there will be an update later about that.

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Tue, April 1st, 2008

9:56 pm - link! he come to town! come to save the princess zelda!

Probably one of the better April Fool's jokes I've seen on a gaming site.

I wish this was real. :( Except for a live-action Zelda movie to work, I think they'd have to redesign all the character costumes. There's no way Link could get away with wearing that dumb hat in a live-action movie!!

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10:49 am - to be lost in blue and yellow again...?

HA! So that was fast. I have a job interview with Blockbuster in Northampton tomorrow.

Don't really want to work for Blockbuster again, but it's an easy job I already know how to do, and the hours actually work really great around school. (It's a job where you can go to school all day but still get a 7-8 hour shift afterwards... whereas FYE I had to work several 4 hour shifts.) I had wanted to avoid a crappy retail job and work as like, a receptionist or something, but it's hard to do when receptionists have standard 9-5 hours and retail has some flexibility.

Though, if I get the conference registration assistant job, I'll PROBABLY take that instead. Or maybe I can take both over the summer. Ugh, I just need MONEY!!!!

EDIT: Crisis Core got an awesome score at RPGamer. Is it possible that Square-Enix has actually released... a GOOD Final Fantasy game?! The shock!

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Mon, March 31st, 2008

11:58 pm - progress report 004

Here are the goals I am going to focus on for April, and of course, my current progress.

#2: Pay off Exxon-Mobil Mastercard.
Last Week's Balance: $1379.01 (7% paid off)
This Week's Balance: $1326.52 (12% paid off)
- First priority for this month: find a job. I applied for 1 Campus Job, 3 Blockbusters, 1 FYE, and 2 Staples so far, and I plan to apply to many more tomorrow. I totally expect the balance on this card to go up until I find a job - it's my only card left with credit available on it. Meanwhile, the school sent me an e-mail saying I'm supposed to get a refund of $3000 (the loan I took out was too big). I filled out the form to have it put directly into my account like a week ago and I hope it shows up soon. If I actually get that refund, I plan on using half of it to pay off my card.

#7: Get into UMass's Commonwealth College.
Last Week's GPA: 2.1
This Week's GPA: 2.1 (no change)
- My goal is to break past 2.8 in April, though I think I can probably make it past 3.0 if I work hard enough. I'm still waiting for the first paper I wrote, ALMOST A MONTH AGO, for African Film. That's the only class I don't have any grades for right now, and it's kind of pissing me off, as we're past the midterm here!

#16: Read the news everyday, including the campus Collegian.
- Uhhh... yeah, read the news everyday. Not difficult. Moving on.

#22: Write script for first issue of Jolly Roger.
Last Week's Progress: Began basic story outline.
This Week's Progress: Finished story summary for all major characters.
- This month I want to finish all character profiles, and begin outlining individual story arcs.

#30: Read 100 graphic novels each year (including manga.)
Last Week's Progress: N/A
This Week's Progress: 009/100
- I actually live near a comic shop! Within walking distance! Isn't that neat? I also changed this from 20 graphic novels to 100, because 20 was just too easy.

#33: Learn to play the entire FFVII OST on piano.
Last Week's Progress: N/A
This Week's Progress: I know a tiny bit of Tifa's Theme, Cosmo Canyon and the Prelude.
- I'm gonna start with the Prelude and just move in chronological order.

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10:28 pm - freaking cool

The Beatboxing Flute Player!!!

current mood: impressed

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5:00 pm - I'm hanging on your words, living on your breath, feeling with your skin, will I always be here?

I quit my job at FYE today, for good. My last shift is Saturday night, then I'm done. It pretty much sucks because I would have liked to have stayed on, but not for $7.50 an hour.

I had a job interview last Friday. I thought it went really well, and she said to call her a week from today if I hadn't heard back from her.

Classes went up on UMass's website today.

Ahhh, I'm so sad.

If anyone is planning on making trips to Six Flags New England this summer, you should come visit me!!! I only live like, half an hour away.

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Sun, March 30th, 2008

6:10 pm - WE NEED MORE RAIN!!!!

In my Documentary class, we have to do a report on a filmmaker. I randomly picked Werner Herzog because he had a funny name. I looked him up today, and guess what he directed?


I dunno, it amuses me. Oh, the memories. :)

current mood: amused

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Wed, March 26th, 2008

11:31 pm - easiest money ever made

Awhile back, my Astronomy teacher announced that the Economics department was looking for volunteers for an "economic experiment". He said you would get $10 just for showing up, so I decided to try it out. There were no details given as to what the experiment actually was.

So I got there today, and they sat me in front of a computer... and told me do word scrambles. You know, like the "Jumble" in the newspapers. So basically, I unscrambled words for about an hour, and at the end, they gave me $25 in cash! It was pretty cool, and I got to buy groceries! (I've been living off ramen the past few days - rent's due next week.)

So that was cool. I also have a job interview on Friday. But maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that, I don't want to jinx it...?

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Tue, March 25th, 2008

9:15 pm

Auto Response from SuperGophe (9:05:42 PM): depeche mode is too sexy

Kaylee2222222 (9:05:52 PM): and depeche mode
SuperGophe (9:06:01 PM): MMMMMMM
Kaylee2222222 (9:06:02 PM): you know what
Kaylee2222222 (9:06:11 PM): when it comes to depeche mode...I just cant get enough
SuperGophe (9:06:15 PM): ............................
Kaylee2222222 (9:06:20 PM): :)
SuperGophe (9:06:33 PM): well you know
SuperGophe (9:06:37 PM): people are people
SuperGophe (9:06:40 PM): they like what they like
Kaylee2222222 (9:07:05 PM): I thought that was pretty witty
Kaylee2222222 (9:07:08 PM): ...sigh...
SuperGophe (9:07:28 PM): this would have been funnier if you kept going with the depeche mode song titles
SuperGophe (9:07:41 PM): I was anticipating an LJ-worthy conversation
Kaylee2222222 (9:07:45 PM): haha
SuperGophe (9:07:54 PM): "just can't get enough" "people are people"
Kaylee2222222 (9:08:05 PM): i dont know enough
SuperGophe (9:08:09 PM): YOU DON'T
Kaylee2222222 (9:08:56 PM): stacie
SuperGophe (9:08:58 PM): you should get educated
SuperGophe (9:09:01 PM): I'll make you a mix
SuperGophe (9:09:12 PM): and then you're gonna listen to it and I am going to quiz you
Kaylee2222222 (9:09:24 PM): When I joke with you, Its No Good
Kaylee2222222 (9:09:37 PM): Instead, Everything Counts
SuperGophe (9:09:42 PM): ..........
SuperGophe (9:09:48 PM): now you're just looking stuff up!!!!
Kaylee2222222 (9:10:02 PM): Look Im no Martyr...Im not trying to be your Personal Jesus
SuperGophe (9:10:05 PM): just stop talking so I can Enjoy the Silence
Kaylee2222222 (9:10:27 PM): Dream on!
Kaylee2222222 (9:10:30 PM): I never shut up!
SuperGophe (9:10:32 PM): OUCH!
SuperGophe (9:10:41 PM): you don't have to SHOUT!
Kaylee2222222 (9:11:33 PM): You are so sensitive online
SuperGophe (9:11:42 PM): :P
Kaylee2222222 (9:11:50 PM): :)
SuperGophe (9:12:15 PM): you realize you just looked up depeche mode song titles so you could be mentioned in my LJ, right?
Kaylee2222222 (9:12:24 PM): no
Kaylee2222222 (9:12:48 PM): I just looked up Depeche Mode when I wrote in my lj I would look even better
SuperGophe (9:12:53 PM): !!!!!!!!!!
Kaylee2222222 (9:12:58 PM): ...end of egotistical message

Yeah, this is the early era of Depeche Mode I like to pretend never existed. When I think SEXY, I think Songs of Faith and Devotion...

Kaylee2222222 (9:24:13 PM): the next futurama dvd is supposed to be out in July I think
SuperGophe (9:24:24 PM): YESSSSSS
Kaylee2222222 (9:24:33 PM): ...i looked up the other day
Kaylee2222222 (9:25:04 PM): thats what I do when they play the Bender movie on tv and Im supposed to be doing hw
Kaylee2222222 (9:25:20 PM): all these good movies on dvd...its just A Question of Time
SuperGophe (9:25:29 PM): ..........
Kaylee2222222 (9:25:47 PM): ...I never exited out of the Depeche mode page...and I saw it...I had to
SuperGophe (9:25:50 PM): hahahaha

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3:28 pm - progress report 003

#2: Pay off Exxon-Mobil Mastercard.
Last Week's Balance: $1397.76 (7% paid off)
This Week's Balance: $1379.01 (8% paid off)
- Chip off that balance a little bit at a time....

#7: Get into UMass's Commonwealth College.
Last Week's GPA: 1.8
This Week's GPA: 2.1
- I did a lot better on my Linguistics Midterm than I thought! (81% = B-) I thought for sure I was going to fail.
- Perfect score on Astronomy homework.
- Didn't do so well on a Documentary test.... a 71% on a content-based test (i.e. "What was the name of the guy who said this quote...") I suck at content tests.

#22: Complete first script for Jolly Roger.
Last Week: No progress.
This Week: Began story outline.
-Currently working on each individual character's story arcs.

current mood: bored

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Mon, March 24th, 2008

11:20 pm - YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!



current mood: ecstatic

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10:27 pm - dropped my crutches and crawled on the floor for you

I was packing some stuff yesterday to get ready to go back to Northampton, when I found a copy of Depeche Mode's Ultra. It was randomly lying around in the upstairs den. I must have bought it in high school and totally forgot about it! Anyway, I listened to it on the drive back and I'm totally in love with this song:

One of the things I like about listening to bands with a huge body of work is that sometimes it's so massive that it's hard to take it all in at once. I love discovering new songs by an old artist, and although I've been listening to Depeche Mode for several years now, there are still a ton of songs I don't really know/haven't heard by them. Though, at this point, it's mostly the really early stuff I'm missing out on (which I'm not crazy about, to tell you the truth). I spent most of the rest of my drive listening to more Depeche Mode, and after giving it some thought, I think this is my all-time favorite song by them. Sadly, there's no video, just this live performance (which actually sounds pretty good!)

Walk with me
Open your sensitive mouth and talk to me
Hold out your delicate hands and feel me
Couldn't make any plans to conceal me
Open your sensitive mouth
Hold out your delicate hands
With such a sensitive mouth
I'm easy to see through
When I come up
When I rush
I rush for you

So primal. So sexy. I love you, Depeche Mode.

current mood: calm

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Sat, March 22nd, 2008

9:31 pm - it got even worse

Today I opened my check. I get direct deposit, but I usually like to double-check my hours to make sure everything is correct.

I discovered that I received a pay cut, which I was expecting, since I went from an Assistant Manager to a Lead Associate. But Jen assured me that it wouldn't be too bad of a cut, especially since she starts out all her employees at "Massachusetts Minimum Wage, because New Hampshire is cheap".

Yeah, right. What a load of crap, because I was making $10.35 an hour.

Now I apparently make $7.50 an hour.

This is total bullshit. I worked there for over a year, was a manager the entire time, and oh yeah, Massachusetts minimum wage is EIGHT DOLLARS AN HOUR not $7.50!!!

I can't do anything with this. It's not worth driving up every weekend to work if I'm working for $7.50 an hour. Furthermore, I'm not going to save up any money at all if I just work there all summer.

It's time to make an extremely difficult decision: where should I live over the summer?

Option A: New Hampshire
+ Won't have to pay rent because I can sublet my room
+ Will get to see friends and family
+ Already have a job here, even if it sucks ass

- $7.50 an hour!!

Option B: Massachusetts
+ Can find a new job over the summer
+ There are also summer-only campus jobs that I can do in addition to a regular job
+ When summer ends and school starts up again, you'll already have a job and won't have to worry about looking for when while every other college student in town is looking for one

- I don't know anyone down here and that scares the crap out of me.

So that's it, I guess. I think I have to be realistic though, and find a job in Northampton. Granted, I won't see my friends and I don't know anyone, but the semester isn't over yet. If I can find a job soon, I can hang out down here more with my roommates and meet some cool people (I hope)? Not only that, but Melissa is only 45 minutes north of where I live. And it's not like I won't have weeks where I have a few days in a row off - I can drive home on those days and hang out with the NH crew. I know Mike will have his parties and I can still go to those, and you know... yeah. I can do this. Definitely. Everyone has to leave the nest someday, I guess this is it for me.

I'm fucking twenty-four years old, time to grow the fuck up.

Now to look for my other cell phone charger, because I am not moving if I don't have a phone.

current mood: determined

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1:37 pm - fuck fuck fuck

To top of my crappy, non-eventful vacation, my cell phone won't charge. So until I get the charger fixed/get a new one, I apparently don't have a phone because I have no money. Oh yeah, and I'm off to work for the sixth day this week and I still have no money. I go back to school Monday, and I haven't done anything with my vacation. I'm sick of working, sick of being broke, sick of being lonely, sick of my stupid classes, and most of all, I'm sick of writing these stupid emo LiveJournal entries like the ones I wrote circa 2003!!!!

I'm trying to keep a positive outlook, really, but when you hate pretty much every aspect of your shitty little life at the moment, it's difficult to say "Oh well! Summer will be much better!"

Yeah, whatever.

current mood: pissed off

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