Stacie :: She Who Will Rise Again (supergophe) wrote,
Stacie :: She Who Will Rise Again

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fuck fuck fuck

To top of my crappy, non-eventful vacation, my cell phone won't charge. So until I get the charger fixed/get a new one, I apparently don't have a phone because I have no money. Oh yeah, and I'm off to work for the sixth day this week and I still have no money. I go back to school Monday, and I haven't done anything with my vacation. I'm sick of working, sick of being broke, sick of being lonely, sick of my stupid classes, and most of all, I'm sick of writing these stupid emo LiveJournal entries like the ones I wrote circa 2003!!!!

I'm trying to keep a positive outlook, really, but when you hate pretty much every aspect of your shitty little life at the moment, it's difficult to say "Oh well! Summer will be much better!"

Yeah, whatever.
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