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it got even worse

Today I opened my check. I get direct deposit, but I usually like to double-check my hours to make sure everything is correct.

I discovered that I received a pay cut, which I was expecting, since I went from an Assistant Manager to a Lead Associate. But Jen assured me that it wouldn't be too bad of a cut, especially since she starts out all her employees at "Massachusetts Minimum Wage, because New Hampshire is cheap".

Yeah, right. What a load of crap, because I was making $10.35 an hour.

Now I apparently make $7.50 an hour.

This is total bullshit. I worked there for over a year, was a manager the entire time, and oh yeah, Massachusetts minimum wage is EIGHT DOLLARS AN HOUR not $7.50!!!

I can't do anything with this. It's not worth driving up every weekend to work if I'm working for $7.50 an hour. Furthermore, I'm not going to save up any money at all if I just work there all summer.

It's time to make an extremely difficult decision: where should I live over the summer?

Option A: New Hampshire
+ Won't have to pay rent because I can sublet my room
+ Will get to see friends and family
+ Already have a job here, even if it sucks ass

- $7.50 an hour!!

Option B: Massachusetts
+ Can find a new job over the summer
+ There are also summer-only campus jobs that I can do in addition to a regular job
+ When summer ends and school starts up again, you'll already have a job and won't have to worry about looking for when while every other college student in town is looking for one

- I don't know anyone down here and that scares the crap out of me.

So that's it, I guess. I think I have to be realistic though, and find a job in Northampton. Granted, I won't see my friends and I don't know anyone, but the semester isn't over yet. If I can find a job soon, I can hang out down here more with my roommates and meet some cool people (I hope)? Not only that, but Melissa is only 45 minutes north of where I live. And it's not like I won't have weeks where I have a few days in a row off - I can drive home on those days and hang out with the NH crew. I know Mike will have his parties and I can still go to those, and you know... yeah. I can do this. Definitely. Everyone has to leave the nest someday, I guess this is it for me.

I'm fucking twenty-four years old, time to grow the fuck up.

Now to look for my other cell phone charger, because I am not moving if I don't have a phone.
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