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another one bites the dust part 2

I'm posting in this thing way too much. I've noticed how much I post in this has a direct correlation with my social life.

10. Figure out what to minor in at UMass.

It's gonna be English. I flirted with the idea of both Art and Asian Studies, but the Art required a portfolio (I don't have an up-to-date one, and most of my old one from five years ago is probably gathering dust in my attic) and Asian Studies required double the amount of classes than English plus language classes. Because I plan on taking Intensive Japanese and Korean every semester (10 credits) I don't even know if I can finish my Journalism degree on time. Since I took so many English classes at NECC, I'm sure most of my minor will transfer and I won't have to worry about it. I thought about double-majoring, but again, not enough time.

I've decided that I would really like to take art classes after college though. Maybe do some part-time classes at NECC or something. Montserrat in Beverly, MA has a course on Comic Art and some continuing education programs. I do regret not finishing my Visual Arts degree at NECC and I'm trying hard to get back into drawing. Once I have a scanner, I'll upload some of the stuff I've done recently. (I've improved very much in five years.)

updated list
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